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The company is involved in various activities in the agricultural and FMCG sectors, focusing on marketing, distribution, trading, and processed agricultural products.

Marketing and Distribution:

1. Ready-packed walnuts with flavors cater to consumer preferences and could be a popular choice in the FMCG market.

2. Frozen and packed burgers and hot dog buns meet the food industry’s demands, ensuring convenient and high-quality products.

3. Petter Bio Sustainable Cat Litter: The focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly products aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious choices in the FMCG sector.

Grain and Pulses Trading:

Trading wheat and various peas in trucks, containers, and cargo ships to neighboring countries, the Far East, and Asia provides a global reach and access to diverse markets.

Trade wheat and corn in cargo ships from 3000 to 15000 MT.

Processed Agricultural Products:

1. Offering wheat flour in various packaging options caters to different customer needs, from households to commercial establishments. Wheat flour trade packed in 1,2,5,25,50 kg paper and craft bags.

2. Trading sunflower oil in different packaging options, including plastic bottles and Flexi tanks, ensures the availability of this essential product in various market segments. Refined Sunflower oil trade in 1,3,5,20 liter plastic bottles.

United Nations WFP supply:

Supply of WFP in Ukraine to deliver bread and wheat flour to locations affected by war in Ukraine.

The mission of creating an enjoyable and cooperative working environment and emphasizing trust and care is an added value that can foster strong and lasting relationships with partners and clients.

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