About company

UAB Goderus is a trading and marketing company with expertise in the Agricultural Market of Ukraine, FMCG exports from Ukraine, USA, and Europe.
Our team has extensive knowledge of work with export logistics from Ukraine and Europe, either by trucks, containers, or cargo ships.
Our expertise touches on the distribution of food products for the United Nations World Food Program in Ukraine with one of our business entities.
We operate in the value chain from wheat grain to finished bread products with our partner companies in Ukraine, Orex Distribution, and Roma Trading and Manufacturing.
In 2016, we planted 200 hectares of walnuts to process in a final packaged product and deliver fresh Ukrainian-packed walnuts to our customers with Orex Ukraine.
We believe in long-term partnership and that most of big things in our lives are built on trust and care for one another, which is our mission in the company.
“Goderus” from Latin means “to enjoy”. Therefore, we strive to make the process of cooperation to be enjoyable. As work is our life, we all must love what we do to enjoy our life.

Our projects


The ability to operate in multiple markets, including Ukraine, the USA, and Europe, provides clients access to diverse regions and expansion opportunities.

Who we are?

Company Goderus is your partner in trading and export logistics.